Web Quest: What happened the day I was born?

April 28, 2010

1) Find the meaning of:

Your name .-
Aldo: expert

That of your parents .-

Esperanza: desire

Andres: virile

2) Find five events at the time of your birth.

1 .- Day calendar
2 .-1917. tlacoltapan the town of Veracruz, is declared by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Cultural Heritage of Humanity
3 .-1917. Venustiano Carranza, is directed to mexico city to proclaim the new constitution, called 1917
4 .-1861.se enacted the press law, which enshrines freedom of writing and publishing writings on any subject
5 .-1872. Chilpancingo Guerrero dies dramadurgo poet and don Francismo Granados
Choose one of them, describe in a summary of five lines.
The day of La Candelaria

It takes place on 2 February, is a Christian celebration that commemorates the occasion when the Virgin Mary, with strict Jewish religious law, was the temple in Jerusalem to be purified, that forty days after the birth of his son, who was presented in the temple the same day.

3) Find five characters (politicians, actors, athletes, …) with those who share your birthday.

1 .- Sergio Castaño, Spanish footballer.
2 .- Martin Spanjers, American actor.
3 .- Barbara Mori, Mexican actress of Uruguayan origin.
4 .- Tego Calderon, Puerto Rican rapper.
5 .- Carolina Kluft, Swedish athlete.
Choose one and describe the most important facts of his biography.
Barbara Mori

febrerode born 2 1978 enMontevideo, Uruguay, is a Uruguayan model and actress but raised and educated in Mexico. In 1996 began studying at (CEFAC) Training Centre for Studies Actoral TV Azteca, where he began his career by participating in telenovelas.

4) Describe the most important event that occurred in Mexico in the year you were born.

The explosions in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1992 took place in the second largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara and occurred on April 22, 1992 in the central neighborhood of Analco. Three days before the explosion, residents began complaining of a strong gasoline smell coming from the sewers. Some residents even found gasoline coming out of their water intakes. Even in some storm drains began to smoke. Workers of the Municipality of Guadalajara will be presented to verify the reports of these sewers and were found dangerous levels of gasoline vapors.

5) Find five sporting events that took place the year of your birth.

1 .- It held the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain)
2 .- The Navarrese cyclist Miguel Indurain won the Tour de France a second time.
3 .- First Division: Club León.
4 .- Nigel Mansell is devoted champion
5 .- Euro: Denmark.
Choose one and describe it in five lines.
Nigel Mansell

finally managed to be crowned world champion at the Hungaroring, Hungary, winning nine races in the temporadafue the first driver to win the championship by beating the barrier of 100 points

6) Find the titles of five movies or television series, five songs and five books that were popular the year of your birth.

Movies or TV series:

1 .- The Last of the Mohicans
2 .- Scent of a Woman
3 .- Reservoir Dogs
4 .- Batman Returns
5 .- Dracula, by Bram Stoker

1 .- Madonna: Erotica.
2 .- Mana: Where do the children play?
3 .- Ricardo Montaner: In the last place in the world.
4 .- Chayanne: Provócame.
5 .- Caifanes: Silence.

1 .- Astrology. Science or belief? Manuel Toharia
2 .- Trapped by his kisses Stephanie Laurens
3 .- Wedding Between Strangers by Lisa Kleypas
4 .- The Gray Prince by Jack Vance
5 .- The Butterfly Workshop by Gioconda Belli
7) Links: put all the links here you were useful:




# February http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992


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